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Project Description
Win32-KeyStrokes is a C++ win32 dll and a testing code to log key presses and the applications on which the keystrokes are being pressed.
It has four exposed functions namely, StartLogging() and StopLogging(). GetAllKeyStrokes() and GetKeyStrokes(int time) returning xml strings.

**C++ Win32 based DLL project **

The DLL is pretty advanced and thought of and is a result of quite a few hours of brainstorming and testing. It's written in VC++.

It has the following features-
  • Logs the key inputs for any program
  • Generates an xml as soon as the output is asked for.
  • returns the timestamps and the application on which the keystrokes were recorded in the xml
  • flushes the keystrokes as soon as the output is fetched via GetAllKeystrokes()

the github page for the source code is available here: Win32-KeyStrokes on Github.

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